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Public Art, Monuments, Portraits, and Custom Sculptures - Commissions and Display Options

If you are considering commissioning a portrait sculpture, monument, custom sculpture, or public art, Michael can work with you no matter what stage you are at. He is known for creating engaging art, on time and to budget, and for being flexible and easy to work with. References are available upon request. Most of Michael’s existing public art and portraits are available for purchase or for public display – contact Michael for more information.

Purchasing Sculptures

Here are options for purchasing sculptures shown on this web site:

  • At a gallery showing Michael’s work – see Locations: Galleries for one near you.
  • At an art fair where Michael’s work is exhibited – see Locations: Current Exhibits & Events for upcoming dates.
  • Directly from Michael – complete the form below, or provide similar information if you email or call. You’ll receive a reply with the price, including shipping, and an estimated delivery date. To complete the order, Michael will arrange payment from you via credit card or PayPal.

If you see something you like but want a variation not shown, please inquire and Michael may be able to readily provide it.

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Sculpture Materials

Most of Michael’s sculptures are available in a choice of materials, which vary in characteristics and price:

  • Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, is extremely durable and available with a few options for patinas (coloration). It is suitable for outdoor use with limited maintenance and will last for centuries. Bronze sculptures look and feel luxurious and weighty.  Michael works with local bronze foundries for the castings. Prices for bronzes start at $600.
  • Cold cast copper is a bond of copper powders with resin. This offers a lower priced alternative to bronze, while still producing a sculpture that shines up beautifully and has a solid feel. The nature of the material allows it to be used for only certain designs, and coloration options are very limited. Prices for cold cast copper sculptures start at $100.
  • Resin is architectural strength fiberglass and offers a lower priced alternative to bronze for sculpture designs that can’t be made with cold cast copper or where coloration options are desired. These sculptures are lovingly cast, and look and feel beautiful and solid, while less weighty than the bronzes. Sculptures in resin can have a faux bronze, cream, white, or verde (green) coloration. Some resin sculptures are painted with your choice of color. Prices for resin sculptures start at $100.
  • Hydrostone is like a hard plaster, infused with stone particles for strength, and can be finished in a variety of colors (bronze, gold, copper, green). It is used primarily as an option for certain classic nudes. Prices for hydrostone sculptures start at about $100.

Authenticity and Edition Size

  • All sculptures are original designs created by Michael. Typically, Michael sculpts the original in clay.
  • Michael works with local, expert casting partners to create a mold from his original design. Using the mold, they create castings on demand, with a limited total number. Michael then finishes and signs each sculpture.
  • Nearly all of the sculptures are limited editions, with the edition number and total edition size recorded on the sculpture (for example, 4 of 25). Some sculptures are one-of-a-kind, and a few are open editions. Inquire for edition details or proof of authenticity.